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    Victoria Ventris Shea

    My writing is historical fiction. It's about love, the importance of family and appreciation of nature in the Pacific Northwest.

    Brick, Lime and Moonshine comes from 20th century family history and oral legend at a time when I needed to leave my beloved lake cabin which was built as a drinking house during Prohibition.

    Shagoon (18th century Alaska, California and Hawaii) comes from my interest in Native American cultures. The storyline I discovered through research was so exciting and plausible that I couldn't wait to write it. It involves British Captain George Vancouver with his crew of Whidbey and Puget as well as King Kamehameha and Russian Baranov. Cultures include Tlingit, Hawaiian, Ohlone, and Spanish Mission.

    A retired teacher, I've lived and taught most of my life on both sides of Washington state and a year in Hawaii. Now I indulge in research and put together bits of history in new ways.

    I love spending time with family, especially cooking together, and am interested in warm climates and sandy beaches. I practice yoga and enjoy the mussels from Penn Cove where I currently live on Whidbey Island with my husband. As a new grandmother, my time is spent either writing the next book or playing with my beautiful baby granddaughter.

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