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Victoria Ventris Shea

September 2020 978-1-7356316-0-8


An infant saved, the search for love, a family saga, romance, different cultures and adventure around the Pacific Rim, a changing world.

Ana, a newborn left in the Alaskan forest to die secretly survives. Raised in a Spanish mission in California, she sails with Captain George Vancouver to find the family she’s never known. Even though Vancouver, Puget, Whidbey, and Scottish botanist Dr. Menzies watch over her, she falls for a young Hawaiian on ship who is also returning home. Her need to belong is strong, but should she seek the family who discarded her or stay with the Hawaiian who promises love? This 18th century historical fiction begins with Ana's young mother whose intense love for her warrior husband launches a cultural change for future generations.


Tight muscles quiver down her spine, telling her legs to run, but she predicts the attack it would provoke, the teeth, the tearing flesh. Her breath stops, ready to fight. She jerks awake . . . and she can’t escape, naked and trapped in her prison, her tiny cell where she’s to become a woman.

She grips the rail in a tight fist, standing exactly where Captain Vancouver had directed her to stand. Amid the harried activity and shouts of officers and crew and the flurry of gulls, she keeps her eyes attached to the shoreline and tells herself to breathe. In her mind, she relives Miguel and the soldier coaxing her onto the ship. She had frozen into stone, and they’d had to load her like a new calf, swinging her in a net over the water!


Shagoon is a wild ride, one of the strongest pieces of historical fiction I've ever encountered. The homage to Tlingit culture exposed me to a brand-new aspect of the world. Ana is such a bold, brilliant character. This novel has so many gorgeous literary aspects, it warrants multiple reads to understand the depth and level of work that Shea has created here. --Review Judge of 29th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Brook

I spend a good chunk of my summer reading novels for the Writer's Digest competitions. Rarely (very!) do I come across a book that makes me feel like I'm a part of a major discovery. To anyone looking for their next read, check out SHAGOON. --AJ Wells

This book was such a wonderful discovery. It was fascinating to find out about so many different peoples, but the story was so compelling. I loved the characters. It reminded me how important it is for everyone to try to be a hero in life. --Mrs. Bea Ticked, United Kingdom

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