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Brick, Lime and Moonshine Cover Image

Brick, Lime and Moonshine

Victoria Ventris Shea


Prohibition in the Pacific Inland Northwest. The happy struggle. From a sod house to flapper fun, dance halls, drinking houses and serenades on Loon Lake. A memoir for the love of a lake cabin.


Ida had been attracted to his daring, mischievous, wide-eyed enthusiasm for the future. “What’s the worst that could happen?” he would ask and distract her with a squeeze, a kiss or a twirl before she could answer. It had felt like his attitude could overcome anything, that they would always be happy together though she wasn’t entirely sure that she could trust him. When the bottom dropped out of the wheat industry, he thought of his family’s old moonshine recipe called Perseverance. He had all that wheat, and a little shine could take the sting out of hard times.

Walking unescorted into the Marie Antoinette Ballroom at the Davenport Hotel as if she owned the place, fringe whipping with her walk, she thought about the thrill of a clean, handsome man holding out his hand to lead her onto the dancefloor. No one would ever question her presence on a dancefloor. It was her home.