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Brick, Lime and Moonshine Cover Image

Brick, Lime and Moonshine

Victoria Ventris Shea


Prohibition in The Inland Northwest. The happy struggle. From a sod house to flapper fun, dance halls, drinking houses and serenades on Loon Lake. A memoir for the love of a lake cabin.


He was a handsome man in Palouse, Washington, with a shock of hair hanging carefree over his forehead and an enticing twinkle in his eye above a mischievous grin. He worked their acreage in wheat, but when times got harder than usual, he started making moonshine. As soon as Idaho and Oregon made alcohol illegal, it had become especially popular. Folks from those states had been coming across the state line like church goers on a Sunday, and he had an old family recipe that couldn’t be beat. Besides, he had all that wheat. When Idaho deemed alcohol to be the demon's elixir, he was already in business and didn't see how it would pay to quit.